"Karyn McGettigan combines a strong passion for correct language and grammar with a true love of reading and learning; the result is a detailed and conscientious editing professional who meticulously considers every letter of your manuscript, without losing sight of overarching themes, voices, and context.

She is also an extremely diligent and hard worker, dedicated to getting a job done well: she finished my 328-page dissertation on time and with excellent results, despite having to work on a tight 3-week schedule, through Christmas break, with an author situated on the other side of the planet! The discussant (at the doctoral defense) kept on complementing the language in the book. She described it as beautifully written and a "page-turner". These are compliments that I think Karyn should definitely take to heart because I very much doubt they would have been voiced without her significant editing contributions.


My work is all the better for Karyn's help and attention to detail, and I strongly recommend her to anyone wishing to raise the standard of their work to an international professional level. She’s also a genuinely nice person!"

(Dr. Jesper Edman, PhD Stockholm School of Economics / based at Hitotsubashi University - Tokyo, Japan)

“Working with Karyn McGettigan was a delight. She was not only a super expert, extremely careful with her work and owner of great eyes for details, but also a last minute full partner with my work. It was great and new for me to experience her kind emails that were not only professional, but somehow gave me an unexpected sense of friendship. I am happy to have her contact, and I'll definitely contact her in the near future for other partnerships. Thanks so much again, you will hear from us again!”

(Dr. André Ofenhejm Mascarenhas, PhD Centro Universitário da FEI - São Paulo, Brazil)

“Karyn McGettigan did an excellent job in editing my PhD thesis. Since I consider my own written English to be at a decent level, I first thought that an editor might perhaps not have that much to comment on, but quite contrary: Karyn really improved the text, in terms of grammar, use of expressions, and flow! I learned quite a few things about the English language from Karyn’s edits that will help me in my future writing endeavors. Karyn is not only professional, meticulous, and great at what she does, she is also a lovely person to work with on a personal level.”

(Dr. Emma Sjöström, PhD, Stockholm School of Economics / Visiting Researcher at the University of Hong Kong)

“Thanks a lot for your editing job, Karyn. I learned a lot from you. I enjoyed working with you very much and I hope we will renew this experience soon. I also hope that your business will keep on flourishing. You can be sure that I will continue recommending you to others.

And the good news is that your edited version of my paper was accepted and will appear in the journal Organizational Research Methods. That's terrific! Congratulations: you are a part of this! Thank you once again.”

(Dr. Laurence Romani, PhD Stockholm School of Economics / Centre of Advanced Studies in Leadership - Stockholm, Sweden)

"Getting my dissertation reviewed by Karyn McGettigan was a sound investment. Karyn McGettigan has solid knowledge in linguistics and communication; what more, she has a keen ear and quickly grasped what I wanted to convey with my texts. Not only did the grammar and punctuation get better; the general "flow" of the dissertation also improved significantly.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Karyn McGettigan to anyone that wants to transform their writings from merely good to great."

(Dr. Erik Svanholm, PhD Karlstad University / Department of Chemical Engineering - Karlstad, Sweden)

“In addition to editing my doctoral thesis, Karyn McGettigan has been engaged in most of my research projects and I would like to give my warmest recommendations for her work as a language expert and editor. It is a delight to see the difference in appearance and flow of your wordings after working with Karyn McGettigan!

In my research, which includes publications in international journals, Karyn McGettigan's work has been a key in reaching my targets - particularly in managing international journal review processes. Karyn McGettigan’s language and editorial support has been critical in overcoming some of the most severe barriers in terms of communicating my research results. I have significantly improved my English language skills from working with Karyn, and I see the continuous collaboration with Karyn as some of the most important parts in my future publication strategy. Therefore, I can truly recommend Karyn McGettigan as a language specialist and co-worker – always delivering high quality work on time in the most stressful parts of the research process.


Karyn McGettigan’s editing work has highly contributed to the publication of the following articles: "Critical Incidents in R&D Alliances: Uncovering Leadership Roles" in The European Management Review, 6(3); "Relational and Performance Risks in Operative Work in Contract-Based R&D Alliances" in The International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management.


Thank you for doing such great work Karyn!”

(Dr. Lars Uppvall, PhD KTH / The Royal Institute of Technology - Stockholm, Sweden)

"Thank you for a fast and well performed work, Karyn. The paper is definitely better now. I accepted almost all of your changes, with the exception of just a few edits that inspired me to make other changes instead. Your edited version of the article "How to Organize for Local Resource Generation" will be published in journal The Learning Organization 16(3). Also, the chapter that you edited "Visitor Involvement and Extensive Networking" has been published in the VINNOVA book entitled Organising Work For Innovation and Growth. I look forward to working with you again soon!"

(Dr. Tomas Backström, PhD Mälardalens högskola / Akademin för innovation, design och teknik - Eskilstuna, Sweden)

Karyn McGettigan has been excellent to work with. Dedicated and flexible - not to mention, very good at her work. This was the first time we worked together, and there will most certainly be more occasions."

(Carina Sjödin, Lecturer & PhD Candidate / Mälardalen University - Eskilstuna, Sweden)

"Karyn, you have provided me with excellent service and support. I think you know what great way you have helped me out. We will continue to work together in the future. Karyn McGettigan / Liquid Communications har hjälpt mig att redigera min akademiska artikel och har gjort det med ett ypperligt engagemang. Jag fick professionell support och hjälp att reda ut artikeln språkmässigt där förutsättningarna tidsmässigt var väldigt pressade."

(Anna Fyrberg, PhD Candidate, Stockholm University / School of Business - Stockholm, Sweden)

"Jag kan definitivt rekommendera denna kommunikationskonsult. Karyn McGettigan gör ett suveränt jobb med att omvandla svengelska texter till perfekt engelska. Speciellt viktigt för texter med höga krav på professionalitet som riktar sig till akademiska journaler, information till kunder, mm."

(Dr. Jens Hemphälä, PhD KTH / The Royal Institute of Technology - Stockholm, Sweden)

"Hi Karyn and thanks, I certainly find your changes and suggestions helpful. All in all, I really needed an English proofreading. Anything else would have been disaster, and the text just wins by being a little shorter!"

(Dr. Dick Forslund, PhD Stockholm University / School of Business - Stockholm, Sweden)

“Thank you Karyn. We got the chapter that you edited published in the VINNOVA publication. It is interesting when you write in a language that is not your original how many details you are not aware of. I learned a lot from your review. We will certainly think of you when we need assistance in the future.”

(Christer Nygren, MSc Mälardalens högskola / School of Innovation, Design and Engineering - Eskilstuna, Sweden)



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