Karyn McGettigan is a Writer, Editor, Communications Specialist, and international Correspondent. As a member of Sweden's Foreign Press Association, Karyn is a native English and French speaker striving to improve her Swedish everyday. Karyn has experience in writing and editing book manuscripts, newspapers, magazines, academic research, technical and corporate documents, advertising and marketing copy, speeches, and film scripts. For Karyn, being able to facilitate communication while playing a role in promoting local and international business is both a privilege and a pleasure. With dual citizenship in Canada and in Sweden, Karyn McGettigan is based in Stockholm.


Karyn has studied in Canada and Europe, graduating from the University of Western Ontario with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in French Language and Literature, and from the University of Victoria with a Master of Arts . Karyn has participated in Doctoral seminars in Creative Entrepreneurship at The Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and the Leadership program at The Banff Centre for Management in Canada. She completed a Language and Communications certification at the Paris Institute of Language and Culture, received an Honours Scholarship to study at the University of Nice, and obtained an Independent Schools Teaching Certification from the British Columbia Ministry of Education.


Karyn enriched her academic experience by graduating from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Broadcast Journalism & Media Communications. She then incorporated these specializations into founding her own consultancy firms in Vancouver and in Stockholm. The art of effective communication has long been a corporate, as well as an academic interest of hers. Karyn is committed to assisting enterprises and individuals to raise their international profiles while helping them become globally profitable ventures and world-renowned academics. Karyn has freelanced as a Print and Broadcast Journalist since 2000. Her writing has been translated into 8 languages and her work has been cited in several peer-reviewed international journals.


Karyn's diverse experience reflects her passion for communication as she has worked in the international scientific community and in a wide variety of industries ranging from healthcare and technology, to international business and the arts. Karyn has overseen project development, created quality communication tools, and conducted media training for global corporations and federal government programs: namely Ericsson, the National Research Council of Canada, the Industrial Research Assistance Program, and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Bid Corporation. In 2002, Karyn was as an Olympic Ambassador on The Spirit of 2010 Tour, travelling through 45 cities in 59 days to promote Vancouver's bid to host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Vancouver won the bid and hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic Games from February 12-28, 2010.

As a successful fundraiser, Karyn has managed a variety of fundraising and awareness events and contributed to many not-for-profit organisations, including: The British Columbia Children’s Hospital, The BC Alzheimer’s Association, The St. James Community Service Society on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, The London Health Sciences Centre, The Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario, The Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon and, most recently, Hand in Hand: Sweden.


As a public presenter, Karyn has given speeches at companies, universities, hospitals, and conferences throughout the world: including The World Congress on Brain Injury (Stockholm, Sweden: May 2003), the International Scientific Conference on Brain Plasticity and Learning-Based Therapy (Torino, Italy: July 2003), and at the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (Torino, Italy: July 2003). Karyn was a Lecturer and Instructor in French and English at The University of Victoria (1995-1997), Saint Michaels University School (1997-1998), and Enskilda Gymnasiet (2003-2004). The more creative side of Karyn's career involves writing, directing, and acting in plays that were staged and performed in Canada, France, and Sweden, as well as working as Consultant Editor for the Stockholm International Film Festival.


To balance her intellectual life, Karyn teaches body/mind fitness and dance classes.









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